Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I miss you guys!

I used to be friendly. Then I noticed that a lot of people hates me now. Majority of that people who hates me, envies me. So to my haters: sorry! but you just makes me more proud of myself. Not just because I am that special person whom you bother to think or hate everyday.

Anyway, I miss my friends, all of you (to my haters; yes of course i still have a few, but those i know are true.. and probably knows me more than you..) I don't or could not hang out with them as often as we did before, but I just hope we could hang out together again in the future.
  • I miss the confidence that they gives me. I could not forget that.
  • I miss the calls and texts.
  • I miss those admiration.
  • I miss the foods or snacks that they bought for me every break time.
  • I miss the story telling about what happened in the last meeting.
  • I miss my former classmates, my seatmates and my cheat-mates... hahahah..
  • I miss the crazy and noisy classroom.
  • I miss the one of a kind comment of teachers.
  • I miss the cheating - sharing is loving.
  • I miss the little things we notice about our teachers.
  • I really miss a lot of things!